Sunday, April 20, 2008

im me!! (-_-)

the feeling of being alone is not easy but very challenging.. i need you, someone whos willing to face the reality of this world.. i know somehow, it could be hard and when i know shes there, i know i could!! the face of a person who have left behind and doesnt know who and where to go, hope your there waiting for me..
someone called you could make me complete!! ala lang.. drama.. malabasan ng feelings that i cant explain, hahay!! ala lang..

Sunday, April 13, 2008

living life..

now a days, people think life is to easy to handle, im one of them who thinks that way, but i was wrong, and it is really wrong, once o prove to myself being alone is not easy like living life is not easy to. so many teens are very easy going to the life they have now, i know that someday, somehow they will realize that life isn't easy, our life is only a borrowed one..

thats why i live my life like no tomorrow, my life rocks together with my friends, i cant live without them coz i believe in the saying 'no man is an island"..

one thing. no fear, face every challenge you encounter because it will change your personality and the way you think life would be.. it will mold your personality the way you are, like me, so young so fresh but im young to face the reality that people are deadly ones..


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